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Client Satisfaction is Highest Priority at Granite Financial Group

Client Satisfaction is Highest Priority at Granite Financial Group Your financial security is important to you. Whether it is your life savings, your RRSP and RESP, your long-term retirement plans and succession planning, or your current portfolio, you need to have confidence in your financial advisor.   Granite Financial Group is ready and able to provide

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What is Wealth Management?

When it comes to ensuring your money and your estate are being managed with the very best strategies, the best professional advisory service you can depend on is that of a trusted wealth management advisor.  Also known as a wealth manager, this financial advisor uses experience in investments, estate planning, tax series, and retirement planning, accounting and legal issues to help clients manage their accumulated wealth. 

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Estate Planning Today in Case of Unexpected Tomorrows

It can happen in the blink of an eye – your carefree day can change in a moment, causing sudden death, whether by illness or accident, leaving your family shocked, heart broken, and left with the confusion of dealing with your assets and the state of your financial affairs.

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