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Succession Planning

Orchestrate the orderly transfer of your business to a successor in a matter that is most advantageous to you and the legacy of your work.
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Sourcing Key People

Key people, particularly in small business are not readily replaced, and the delays in recovering from their loss can be a blow for an organization. Key Person Insurance can help prevent this unexpected loss from harming your business financially.
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Group Benefit Plans

Group Insurance is an arrangement to share the financial risk of health-related expenses among a group of people who pays into a fund or pool, under one contract. With a group benefits plan, when a member of the group becomes ill or needs services, he or she is financially compensated by the plan, according to the terms of the contract.
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Group Retirement Plans

With a group RRSP, eligible employees can have RRSP contributions deducted from each pay period. Direct contribution from payroll automatically reduces income tax for the employees. The employer can match contributions into the RRSP on either a monthly or yearly basis.