We’re here to help make wealth management simple

“We’re a team of highly competent, independent wealth management professionals who are not beholden to any single insurance or investment company. That means, we put strategies and products in place that directly reflect your goals.”

Doug Lochhead

President & Senior Financial Advisor

“We’ve been telling everybody for over twenty years that [Granite] is the best!”

K & C

“How fortunate we are to be dealing with such experienced and professional people.”

L & G

“You are all amazing and we’re very happy with everything you do for us.”

R & R

We listen

Seek first to understand, then to be understood — words we live by. We can’t help to solidify your goals with a plan unless we truly understand your unique situation…

And that’s why the comprehensive financial services we offer to you are secondary to this one simple guiding principle…

We take the time to listen to your unique goals

There are no two people who are alike, so there simply cannot be two wealth management strategies that are identical to one another. Your strategic approach is directly linked to your specific goals, and so, first and foremost, we gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what you’re looking to achieve and what you have a duty to protect.