Client Satisfaction is Highest Priority at Granite Financial Group

Client Satisfaction is Highest Priority at Granite Financial Group

Your financial security is important to you. Whether it is your life savings, your RRSP and RESP, your long-term retirement plans and succession planning, or your current portfolio, you need to have confidence in your financial advisor.  

Granite Financial Group is ready and able to provide that service for its clients. Our advisors are highly trained professionals who recognize your main objective of matching your financial goals to the management of your wealth  

Many current clients had been considering obtaining the services of a financial advisor for years yet had been reluctant to take the first step. After all, it is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. At Granite Financial, an initial no-obligation unhurried meeting will explore potential pathways for their wealth. Then clients are encouraged to take their time making decisions that eventually develop into a well-planned, secure, profitable future. Clients never feel rushed into making these all-important decisions; they are given the information they need and the time to consider the options.  

Granite’s financial advisors work with business owners, who wish to minimize taxes and maximize wealth retention, as well as individuals and families who desire simply to match their specific financial goals with their needs, both today and in the future.  

Clients are encouraged to share comments and make suggestions. And ask questions! Together, advisors and clients explore possibilities and discuss options, resulting in a close relationship which ensures the utmost client satisfaction. While the advisors have many years of experience in the financial industry, they also remember what it was like to be a beginner, to be making those decisions that would influence their future dreams and long-term goals. As well, they would never advise a client to buy or invest in any product that they themselves would not consider.  

From the very beginning of the relationship, the client is encouraged to fully discuss and disclose his or her goals, wishes, risk tolerance, current financial status, and the desire to maintain and increase future wealth. Many current clients began their relationship with Granite Financial Group years ago and have stayed with the same advisor as their goals changed or new investment possibilities were discussed 

Managing your portfolio together, you will develop a strategy and meet regularly to ensure that strategy is on track with your current financial needs. You will map out a strategy which is specific to your needs and desires and which will assure you of financial independence and security.  

 At Granite Financial, decades of experience will turn your decades of hard work into prosperity and peace of mind! Call us today and together we will ensure your future is everything you want it to be